Port of Rotterdam: digital solutions for sustainable shipping

22 October 2021

As part of its commitment to GHG emissions reduction, the Port of Rotterdam has established a start-up called PortXchange. PortXchange originates from Pronto – a collaborative vessel and terminal planning platform – designed by the port. Pronto has been used in Rotterdam since 2018, and various pilots have been conducted, with fantastic results. After its success in Rotterdam, it was decided to make the platform available to ports across the world. PortXchange, as an independent company, was established in 2019. Being neutral contributes to the aspiration of PortXchange to have a positive global impact. PortXchange encourages ports and shipping companies to collaborate to achieve just-in-time sailing and reduce CO2 and NOx emissions.

Together with strategic partners Shell and Maersk, PortXchange successfully conducted several pilots outside Rotterdam. As of 2020, PortXchange is used by more than 50 parties to support over 100 000 port calls.

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