ESPO position paper on FuelEU Maritime Initiative

07 September 2020

ESPO welcomes Europe’s ambition to be the world’s first net zero emission area by 2050, and believe that the greening of shipping is a priority to deliver on this ambition. By addressing the demand for alternative fuels, the FuelEU Maritime Initiative is a crucial part of reducing CO2 emissions from shipping by enabling the use of sustainable alternative fuels and the corresponding infrastructure. European ports believe that a goal-based and technology neutral approach is best placed to facilitate the deployment of promising potential technologies and fuels, allowing for innovation as part of a multifuel future. 

Since the greening of shipping will require targeted and effective investments in the European maritime sector, the FuelEU Maritime Initiative must provide the appropriate financial incentives to enable swift decarbonisation. The Initiative will have direct implications for alternative fuel infrastructures and must therefore be compatible and well-aligned with existing legislation, specifically the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive.

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