Joint Statement Weighing of Containers CLECAT ESC ESPO FEPORT

20 April 2016

SOLAS Requirements for Weighing of containers:

European organisations representing Shippers, Freight Forwarders, Terminal Operators and Port Authorities call on National Authorities to take action in coordination to preserve level playing field

In November 2014, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) agreed upon rules for the mandatory weighing of all sea-bound containers to be loaded on a vessel. The above mentioned organisations accept these rules and are committed to working towards the successful implementation of the new legal obligation.

The amended SOLAS convention comes into force from 01 July 2016, after which date all “shippers” (that is the party named in the ocean carrier’s bill of lading) must declare to the carrier in advance the verified weight of packed containers. To ensure that the logistics chain can continue to function in a proper manner as of 01 July, the above mentioned organisations call on national authorities to take urgent, coordinated action along the lines indicated below. The absence of such action will lead to competition distortion and significant interruption to the functioning of the logistics chain.

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