Huelva Port renews its PERS-certification

16 October 2023

ESPO congratulates the Port of Huelva (Spain) for being recertified through the EcoPorts’ environmental management standard (PERS). The Port of Huelva joined EcoPorts in 2015 and is now certified for the fourth time under the PERS.

Isabelle Ryckbost, ESPO Secretary General, commented: “I would like to congratulate the Port of Huelva with this new PERS. Being located in an area of great environmental wealth, the port of Huelva has been engaging over the years very strongly in finding ways to interact between the port authority and the social and natural environment in the framework of the Living the Portproject. I am happy to see the port being recertified. Very well deserved.”

Anaëlle Boudry, ESPO Senior Policy Advisor and EcoPorts Coordinator, said: “We are very happy to see the Port of Huelva be recertified with PERS. Once again, this Spanish port authority is showing how a port in Europe can deliver on its commitment to greening through the environmental management tools provided by the EcoPorts Network. Port authorities like Huelva are valuable and long-standing EcoPorts members, and their recertification is to be celebrated.”

D. Manuel Alberto Santana Martínez, President of the Port Authority of Huelva and Anaëlle Boudry, ESPO Senior Policy Advisor and EcoPorts Coordinator

PERS (Port Environmental Review System) is the only port-specific environmental standard. The last five years have seen important increases in its recognition and membership, with 92 ports from 26 countries currently counting themselves as part of the EcoPorts Network, and 32 ports holding PERS certification. Compliance with the EcoPorts’ PERS standard is independently assessed by Lloyd’s Register and the certificate has a validity of two years. EcoPorts’ PERS is revised after the 2-year period to make sure that the port continues to meet the requirements.

For more information on EcoPorts’ PERS, visit the EcoPorts website.

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