LIST OF TAG – Press Release
Vote Clune report: ESPO welcomes the outcome but remains highly concerned about adding another reporting layer through the creation of an EU interface
Press Release | 10 January 2019
ESPO welcomes steps towards better enforcement for ship waste delivery but regrets ‘polluter pays’ not fully implemented
Press Release | 20 December 2018
ESPO warmly thanks Markku Mylly for his services and congratulates Maja Markovčić Kostelac for taking over as new EMSA’s Executive Director
Press Release | 19 December 2018
European ports welcome EP Transport Committee vote result on CEF II
Press Release | 23 November 2018
Port of Rotterdam wins the ESPO Award 2018!
Press Release | 08 November 2018
ESPO re-elects Eamonn O’Reilly as Chairman
Press Release | 07 November 2018
ESPO Award 2018: Port of Tallinn
Press Release | 30 October 2018
TT Club publishes study ‘Brave new world? – Container transport in 2043’ to mark its 50th Anniversary
Press Release | 29 October 2018
ESPO welcomes draft Clune-report on a European Maritime Single Window Environment
Press Release | 25 October 2018
ESPO Award 2018: Port of Rotterdam Authority
Press Release | 24 October 2018
ESPO congratulates Port of Valencia, Ports of Bremen, Port of Moerdijk and Port of Tangier for renewing EcoPorts’ environmental standard (PERS)
Press Release | 19 October 2018
ESPO Award 2018: Associated British Ports
Press Release | 18 October 2018
ESPO publishes Environmental Report 2018 - Top 10 Environmental Priorities
Press Release | 18 October 2018
ESPO Award 2018: North Sea Port
Press Release | 10 October 2018
Port Reception Facilities vote: Parliament strengthens ‘polluter pays’ principle for ship waste management
Press Release | 09 October 2018
ESPO supports ports’ roundtable discussion with Commissioner Bulc and the Port of Los Angeles
Press Release | 01 October 2018
European ports welcome Parliament’s explicit support to remove the tax barriers for shore-side electricity for ships
Press Release | 25 September 2018
European Maritime Single Window: ESPO wants more ambition on the harmonisation of data, while maintaining flexibility in reporting systems
Press Release | 24 September 2018
Kurt Bodewig has been appointed as new Motorways of the Sea Coordinator
Press Release | 20 September 2018
ESPO asks to recognise the cross-border dimension of EU ports and to strengthen the maritime connectivity in CEF II
Press Release | 05 September 2018
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