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ESPO Conference Regatta 2021
25-28 May: ESPO sails towards you!
Press Release | 22 January 2021
New Year's Message from Annaleena Mäkilä, ESPO Chair
Press Release | 21 December 2020
Deal or no deal: border checks in EU ports are starting as from 1 January 2021
Press Release | 18 December 2020
EU Mobility Strategy paves the way for Green Deal implementation but needs a vision on seaports as engines of growth and recovery
Press Release | 16 December 2020
ESPO congratulates the Port of Ceuta and Peterhead Port Authority for achieving EcoPorts’ environmental management standard (PERS)
Press Release | 04 December 2020
TEN-E review must recognise seaports as key players in the energy sector
Press Release | 03 December 2020
EP-Transport Committee’s TEN-T report reflects ESPO’s view on the forthcoming TEN-T review
Press Release | 02 December 2020
IMO MEPC75: Higher ambitions for reducing GHG emissions from shipping are needed to deliver on Green Deal ambitions in the maritime sector and in ports
Press Release | 23 November 2020
15 years of EcoPorts PERS Certification for Port of Moerdijk
Press Release | 19 November 2020
Port of Algeciras wins ESPO Award 2020!
Press Release | 10 November 2020
Annaleena Mäkilä elected as Chair of the European Sea Ports Organisation
Press Release | 10 November 2020
ESPO publishes the 2020 Environmental Report for the European port sector
Press Release | 10 November 2020
Join us tomorrow for two ESPO Moments!
Press Release | 09 November 2020
ESPO Award 2020 Shortlisted Projects: Puertos del Estado
Press Release | 06 November 2020
ESPO Award 2020 Shortlisted Projects: Port Authority of Lisbon
Press Release | 02 November 2020
ESPO Award 2020 Shortlisted Projects: Port of Amsterdam
Press Release | 29 October 2020
ESPO congratulates Tanger Med Port Authority and the Igoumenitsa Port Authority for renewing their EcoPorts PERS Certification
Press Release | 28 October 2020
ESPO welcomes EP-TRAN Chair’s recommendations on the key role of sea ports, the importance of short sea shipping, and the need for a strong CEF to decarbonise
Press Release | 27 October 2020
ESPO Award 2020 Shortlisted Projects: Algeciras Port Authority
Press Release | 26 October 2020
Launch of ESPO’s 2020 Environmental Report, with special guests
Press Release | 21 October 2020
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