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MEPs Express Criticism Towards Commission Directive on the Deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure

06 May 2013

On 6 May, the Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN) of the European Parliament discussed the Commission’s proposal for a directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure.

This proposal for a Directive sets out requirements on establishing national policy frameworks for the market development of alternative fuels and on a minimum infrastructure build-up for alternative fuels, including the implementation of common technical specifications. Mr. Carlo Fidanza (Christian Democrats/Italy, photo) was appointed as Rapporteur for the 1st reading.

As regards maritime transport, LNG refuelling points shall be built in all maritime and inland waterway ports, and along motorways within maximum distances, of the Trans-European Transport (TEN-T) Core Network. Implementation of common technical specifications is required for the LNG refuelling points, and also for CNG refuelling points for motor vehicles.

MEPs expressed different criticisms on the proposal presented by the Commission. First, the targets set by the Commission seem to be too ambitious and do not properly consider the amount of financial resources that will be needed. Second, TRAN Committee stressed that the concept of technology neutrality should be better elaborated by the Commission. The proposal, indeed, should not disadvantage MSs that have already developed high-quality infrastructure for alternative fuels. Finally, the directive should strike a balance between infrastructure targets (e.g. minimum distance for recharging points) and flexibility regarding market needs.

The draft report will be presented to the TRAN Committee on 16 September and the deadline to present amendments is 1 October while the TRAN Committee will vote the final report on 14 November.

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