LIST OF TAG – TRAN Committee
ESPO welcomes EP-TRAN report which stresses the role of and connection with seaports to boost IWT
Press Release | 30 June 2021
ESPO welcomes the European Parliament’s recognition of the strategic role and cross-border dimension of Europe’s ports
Press Release | 28 April 2021
ESPO welcomes European Parliament TRAN Committee report on more efficient and cleaner maritime transport (Delli INI Report)
Press Release | 25 February 2021
EP-Transport Committee’s TEN-T report reflects ESPO’s view on the forthcoming TEN-T review
Press Release | 02 December 2020
ESPO welcomes EP-TRAN Chair’s recommendations on the key role of sea ports, the importance of short sea shipping, and the need for a strong CEF to decarbonise
Press Release | 27 October 2020
Vote Clune report: ESPO welcomes the outcome but remains highly concerned about adding another reporting layer through the creation of an EU interface
Press Release | 10 January 2019
Port Regulation: Parliament vote brings ports one step closer to autonomy
Espo in the press | 10 March 2016
Election of the Bureau, Italian Presidency and 2013 TEN-T Calls at TRAN July meeting
Press Release | 25 July 2014
Italian Presidency presents transport priorities to the TRAN Committee
Press Release | 23 July 2014
TRAN Committee holds last session and discusses alternative fuels infrastructure, Maritime Spatial Planning
Press Release | 16 April 2014
TRAN discusses Port Regulation, Weights and Dimensions and PBI
Press Release | 19 March 2014
TRAN adopts legislative proposal NAIADES II package
Press Release | 21 February 2014
TRAN discusses NAIADES II, Internalisation of external costs, Carbon dioxide emissions, Weights and Dimensions and Port Regulation
Press Release | 24 January 2014
Greek presidency hopes for a more expansive and improved Europe
Press Release | 23 January 2014
TRAN discusses NAIADES II, 4th Railway Package and Lithuanian Presidency
Press Release | 17 December 2013
TRAN discusses Weights and Dimensions, Statistics in IWW, NAIADES II, Deployment of alternative fuel infrastructure and Port Services Regulation
Press Release | 26 November 2013
TRAN discusses 4th Railway Package
Press Release | 15 October 2013
TRAN discusses the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure and weight and dimensions
Press Release | 18 September 2013
TRAN Committee Meeting: TEN-T, CEF, Marco Polo and Lithuanian Presidency
Press Release | 10 July 2013
TRAN Discusses EIA, EMSA Funding and Transport-Technology Strategy
Press Release | 18 June 2013
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