ESPO welcomes the recognition of the multidimensional role and cross-border character of Europe’s ports in the TEN-T review
Press Release | 15 December 2021
TEN-T review: one of the central topics of the ESPO Conference Regatta 2021
Press Release | 27 May 2021
ESPO welcomes European Parliament’s report on TEN-T
Press Release | 27 January 2021
EP-Transport Committee’s TEN-T report reflects ESPO’s view on the forthcoming TEN-T review
Press Release | 02 December 2020
TEN-T policy review must bring maritime links on equal footing with land links
Press Release | 20 November 2019
The TEN-T review must recognise the new role(s) of ports
Press Release | 09 September 2019
Kurt Bodewig has been appointed as new Motorways of the Sea Coordinator
Press Release | 20 September 2018
Second edition of the ESPO Workshop for small ports is again a success
Press Release | 21 March 2018
ESPO pleads for a strong Connecting Europe Facility to support the 48 billion EUR European port investment needs
Press Release | 09 March 2018
Public consultation on the future of the EU budget
Press Release | 26 January 2018
European ports welcome the EP Transport Committee vote for a stronger CEF budget
Press Release | 23 November 2017
30 organisations ask Europe to invest more in transport
Press Release | 21 September 2017
30 transport associations call on the European Parliament and the Council to approve the Commission proposal for the review of the Multi-Annual Financial Framework
Press Release | 20 October 2016
“What if you are a non-TEN-T port? What if you are a small port in the comprehensive network?” EU legal obligations, rights and funding opportunities for small ports
Press Release | 10 October 2016
TEN-T Days 2016: registrations are now open (Rotterdam, 20-22 June)
Press Release | 21 March 2016
Western Balkans Summit: Declaration on the extension of TEN-T
Press Release | 28 August 2015
MoS Coordinator Brian Simpson invites ports to raise more strongly their voice towards Members States
Press Release | 03 July 2015
Ports call on the Commission and the EIB to consider the huge need for and the added value of port investments
Press Release | 22 June 2015
11 Work Plans of TEN-T European Coordinators
Press Release | 01 June 2015
European ports identify their priorities for Europe’s Transport Policy ahead
Press Release | 21 May 2015
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